Ask HN: How do I make the move to consultant?

I sort of stumbled onto a consultancy job two years ago in cryptocurrency that's sadly just come to an end... going back into an office full time feels like a step back at this point.

I also don't really want to be anywhere near cryptocurrency for a while... and to make matters worse I live halfway around the world from my home in a country that doesn't speak English - I'm a reliable remote worker but I know that's going to put people off, how to alleviate concerns here?

I'm planning to fly home tomorrow, I rented somewhere for a month and I'm already printing business cards and trying to get myself out there on local subreddits. Perhaps other social media too?

Anything I've missed? How can I advertise myself out there? I absolutely kick ass on cloud migration and architecture (and while I know they're not everything, had the certifications to prove it).

Sysadmin stuff, troubleshooting and cloud work was my thing for a decade but I'm trying to catch up with two years worth of developments as well - I can also code but it's mostly hobby stuff.

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