Ask HN: Software Engineering,Money and Overcoming Guilt of Being Paid Too Much?

Recently I Completed my first Intern at a big-N ,it paid well rather paid more than what the work was worth.

Anyways I was at a conference recently in eastern europe and there were folks of my age(22) serving at the restaurant doing jobs like waitressing,doing the dishes etc. even at the airport I saw folks my age working more hours in the cargo loading department. At the hotel it felt wrong when the housekeeper(21 ish) came to do the sheets for me,or when at the restaurant the busboy(65 something) came to clear the dishes.

Suddenly the guilt of being paid too much hit me. It has been bothering me ever since. I noticed most of the people in central easter europe(cech rep) had simple smart phones etc.

Its just that i dont get why am i or anyone being paid so much for sitting in a air conditioned office,eating free stuff and writing bunch of things on a computer. Manual labor takes more toll on ones body.Pilots etc are paid well because the sleep depravation and physical toll their bodies take but sitting in a office.Idk at one point even communism/socialism(as someone who absolutely hated it at one point) made sense to me.

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