18 Months Ago, I Made the Biggest Mistake of My Life

18 Months ago, I made the biggest mistake of my professional career.

I screwed up.

More than that, I am terrified to share this story here openly as I don't know how most of you will react, but regardless I still want to share because it can help save a lot of Founders who fall into the trap of people's sweet words.

Everything went down the drain all because of one person.

I started working on my dream project, FunnelBake, roughly two years ago.

I met someone wrong who pushed me to launch FunnelBake when I was not even ready.

The person pressurized into launching and showing me big dreams, and sadly, I fell for his trap.

The software was unbaked and was not ready, and the person knew, and yet he pushed me to launch the software.

That's when I made the biggest mistake of my life destroying my reputation because of that one person who collected his cheque, moved, and didn't give a crap about me.

That's when I realized, some people are cruel, and I wondered how many other SaaS founders are going through the same.

That lead to the birth of PitchGround

I told myself, I will never let any other SaaS founder suffer ever.

Some people don't give a f*ck about you since all they care about is their commission.

One year ago today, I had launched PitchGround with the motive to help SaaS Founders genuinely.

In the very first year, we have helped them raise over $1.1m in revenue.

My team has also played significant support during this entire journey.

I genuinely hope that my story can help all the SaaS founders, and many people reading this post make a better decision in life. Don't rush, keep patience, and do all your due diligence.

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