Ask HN: Finding a job as a software developer without having a degree?


I'm a full-stack software developer mainly experienced in PHP 7.2+ and Python 3, who has around 5 years of prior work experience, currently located in Finland. I've been trying to find a job here for the past year, but I've been unable to do so, mainly because of strong bias against applicants without university degrees in the IT space.

I was planning to move to the United Kingdom around 6 months ago, and almost immediately I was approached by multiple companies offering lucrative jobs, regardless of the fact that I do not have an official degree.

The largest project I have worked on has offered services to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. I have the skills, but I lack the studies, leading to my issues with finding a job.

What would be the best option for me? I've been trying to look at remote job opportunities, but most require me to live in their country or travel, which is something I unfortunately can not afford.


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