Ask HN: Senior Positions Interview Prep Resources?


Context: - Dev with 10+ years of experience - Last 2 years in an architect role with technical leadership responsibilities - Planning to apply for senior roles at FAANMG

Question: I am fairly good at solving system design and scenario based questions, but I am confused about what resources to use to prepare for whiteboard/programming questions (not 100% sure if these are relevant at senior level?). Below is the list of resources I was suggested:

1. Cracking the Coding Interview 2. Elements of Programming Interviews 3. Online Judge - LeetCode, HackerRank etc.

I have used cracking the coding interview for my interviews right out of school, but I was told that it is not relevant anymore and I should focus on Elements of Programing Interviews.

Same with Online Judge, I was told to use an online judge (LeetCode, HackerRank) over books.

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