Ask HN: How to effectively deal with recruiters?

I'm a Golang developer based in western Europe with around 5 years professional experience. I frequently receive unsolicited messages from recruiters, mostly on Linkedin, introducing this and that amazing job opportunity. Right now I'm happy where I am, but I won't mind hearing them out if said opportunity is especially compelling.

I'm not sure how to engage with them in an effective way. My goals are basically two: 1. avoid wasting time 2. avoid coming across as arrogant - they are doing their job and their time isn't worth less than mine.

To know if their opportunity is compelling I need to get some key information upfront, e.g. what's the client's budget. I don't want to even start discussing anything if it turns out that the client pays 25% less of what I'm making today. Of course money is not my only concern, but it's still a very easy way, and a very relevant one!, to filter out jobs that have no chance whatsoever to fit my definition of compelling. Another deal-breaker would be a company that doesn't allow any form of remote work. Also some of them absolutely want to talk over the phone and I don't feel comfortable with that.

So what's your strategy for dealing with recruiters? Do you demand employer information upfront? Do you ignore them? How do you interact? Thanks!

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